Welcome Secar

Company SECAR Spedycja was created for the development of transport of goods susceptible to temperature change. These are mainly food products (quickly transferable), but also industrial, and even medical (preparations, vaccine). We always try to look through the eyes of customers and adapt our services to their needs. For almost 30 years we have gained the recognition of many customers both at home and abroad.

And now we invite you to use our services both in the field of Transport , forwarding and Warehousing.

The Owners

Anna and Mieczyslaw Haftaniuk

Our solutions

Safe and professional logistics services

Vehicle selection and efficient way of loading

Shared loading bays allow for the delivery of two different batches of goods at different temperatures carriage..

Delivery , unloading and storage at a predetermined temperature

We hold loading ramps (reloading) ensure the maintenance of a constant temperature while loading / handling and continuous monitoring of her.

Organization of transport specialist

Our experienced team of forwarders provides comprehensive solutions for the transport and storage of products in view of the characteristics of the products.


Known brands