Mission & vision

Our mission as a company is increasing the efficiency of transporting frozen goods ( and a temperature controlled ) through proper management of transport infrastructure, offering comprehensive and flexible solutions for the loading and transport while maintaining cost efficiency .

SECAR vision is to become the best provider of forwarding services in the transport and storage of goods at controlled temperatures. We want to achieve this through continuous modernization of our fleet, storage infrastructure expansion and above all, care about our customers and employees. Despite almost 30 years on the market we want to be perceived as a mature company, but also a modern and constantly perfecting.

The values ​​that we profess


Openness and creativity in the field of solutions for customers and employees.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement of our processes and employees.


Respect for people and their contribution to the work of the team.

Honesty and loyalty

Honesty towards employees and customers. Loyalty and dedication to the work.


Caring for the proper performance of their duties regardless of the circumstances.


Finding optimal solutions for customers giving large benefits at a low investment.