CSR (Corporate social responsibility)

Realization of their own goals while complying with environmental protection and the environment of both the internal ( employees and contractors ) and external ( offices, community like) the main activities undertaken by SACAR within the framework of corporate social responsibility .

Environmental Protection

SECAR actions implemented in the area of ​​environmental protection:

  • the use of modern transport vehicles that meet the Euro - 6
  • the use of ecological fuel efficient driving and science
  • regular inspection of the tires and condition of the vehicles and their equipment (for example:. refrigerators)
  • optimize travel time and its effectiveness ( reduction of empty runs , loading ergonomics )
  • compliance with legal requirements for environmental protection
SECAR also focuses on aspects such as e.g.. sustainable raw materials, rational use of water and efficient waste management.

The business environment

Social activities SECAR:

  • supporting local initiatives in infrastructure development affecting the increase in quality of life
  • help the poorest families and their children
  • supporting education of young people wanting to train in the direction of transport and logistics
  • development of employees by supporting their professional education